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Summer 7-1-2000


A key part of the effort to estimate the economic value of the ocean is to develop estimates of the appropriate values of the goods and services traded in the market economy. Such estimates should include the output of industries associated with the ocean, as well as other measures of economic activity, including income generated, employment, the number of firms, etc. Providing the information that permits seeing the economy of the ocean within the context of other economic activity requires preparing estimates that are consistent with the National Income and Product

Accounts (NIPA). The key component is Gross Product Originating (GPO) of each industry that uses the ocean and its resources.1 This paper discusses the issues involved in preparing such estimates and presents some preliminary findings based on 1997 figures. Future working papers will describe refinements of this data based on more detailed data, and the extension of these estimates to the regional level and the creation of a historical data series. When complete, comparisons will be possible over time and across industries and regions.


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