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Climate change and ocean health are often thought about as separate silos, when the two are interconnected.

Climate change is warming the oceans and changing their chemistry. Without ocean health, the entire planetary water cycle and oxygen cycle are in danger. The oceans sequester huge amounts of carbon dioxide helping to cool the planet, but that may not continue with “business as usual.” Climate change affects even those far from any coastline. We must solve the ocean climate challenge together, and we have a short window of time to take action.

The Center for the Blue Economy has partnered with Blue Frontier to bring together thought leaders from across industry, government, academia, and the conservation community to craft the Ocean Climate Action Plan or OCAP. Key elements of the plan were passed as part of the infrastructure bill (a down payment on clean ports and clean energy) and many OCAP recommendations were included in the (now stalled) Build Back Better bill. Historic levels of funding for climate adaptation and mitigation are on the line (400+ billion over ten years). Is climate change important to you? If so, now is the time to speak up.

More info: Ocean Climate Action Plan