The Ocean Needs Our Help — Now

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Winter 1-6-2022


Our public seas must play a central role in national climate policy. The ocean, after all, is the planet’s major sequesterer of heat and carbon, as well as the source of vast quantities of carbon-free energy from winds, tides and currents. Coastal communities, from those of Native Alaskans to condo residents in south Florida, are on the frontlines for rising sea level impacts.

A new version of the Build Back Better bill must pass if we are to protect our coastal population.We call on all Democrats and members of the Biden administration to take a deep breath (more than half of our oxygen comes from the ocean) and head back to the negotiating table with clear goals in sight. Manchin says he wants a few domestic spending programs that are funded for a full 10 years, instead of a larger number of proposals with differing end dates.

That’s acceptable. What is nonnegotiable are the climate policies needed for the U.S. to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets and rebuild our economy in a secure and just manner, from sea to shining sea.