Benefits of Ocean Observing Catalog (BOOC)

Article Title

Transitioning Data to the Modernized NSRS





Duration of Use Case:Ongoing

Link to Case:https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/PUBS_LIB/NOAA_TR_NOS_NGS_0067.pdf

Geographic Location:United States

Is the Use Case Published?Yes

Primary Use:NGS is committed to support NSRS users who want to determine coordinates in a new datum by 1. Resurveying: Return to the field and collect new observations, relying on geodetic control that has coordinates in the new datum 2. Readjusting: Using existing observations, re-compute new coordinates based on geodetic control that has been defined in the new datum 3. Transforming: Take finished products that have coordinates in the old datum and use transformation software to estimate coordinates in the new datum.

Which Marine Industries Benefit from the case:Insurance/Reinsurance, National Defense and Public Safety, Coastal Construction and Restoration

Case Benefits:Existing NSRS data needs will be transitioned efficiently and accurately into the modernized NSRS.

Description:Existing NSRS data needs to be transitioned efficiently and accurately into the modernized NSRS. Since NAD 83, NAVD 88, NAD 27, and NGBD 29 were released 40 and 60 years ago, analog data has been replaced with digital data that has grown exponentially.