Benefits of Ocean Observing Catalog (BOOC)


Timestamp: 44862.4626207986 Email Address: courtney.cochran@noaa.gov Name: Courtney Cochran Affiliation: NOAA Affiliate (UCAR Contractor) Program Office/Division: Ocean Acidification Program Position Title: Program Specialist III Title of use case: The Olympic Coast as a Sentinel: An Integrated Social-Ecological Regional Vulnerability Assessment to Ocean Acidification Authors or Creators: Newton, J. ; Poe, M. ; Alin, S. ; Chadsey, M. ; Feely, R. ; Fradkin, S. ; Hagen, J. ; Ledford, J. ; Koehlinger, J. A. ; Schumacher, J. ; Siedlecki, S. ; Svec, R. ; Waddell, J. ; Watkinson-Schutten, M Affiliations of Authors or Creators: University of Washington Applied Physics Lab and the Washington Ocean Acidification Center; Washington Sea Grant; NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab; Olympic National Park; Quileute Tribe; Makah Cultural and Research Center; Hoh Tribe; Quinault Indian Nation; University of Connecticut; Makah Tribe; Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary; Puget Sound Partnership Contributors: Afterbuffalo, B. ; Akmajian, A. ; Berger, H. ; Carini, R. ; James, J. ; Jaime, J. ; Laverdure, J. ; Mail, A. ; Monette, R. ; Moore, T. ; Penn-Charles, A. ; Sutton, A. ; Wrubel, K. Affiliation of Contributors: Hoh Tribe; Makah Natural Resources; University of Connecticut; University of Washington Applied Physics Lab; Quinault Indian Nation; Quileute Tribe; Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary; Makah Cultural and Research Center; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission; NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab Description: This transdisciplinary project used social science research, synthesis of existing oceanographic and experimental data, and model projections to assess current and projected vulnerability to ocean acidification for Olympic Coast tribes. Keywords: ocean acidification, tribes, vulnerability, cultural value, subsistence Start date of use case: 42979 End date of this use case: 44742 Is this use case ongoing? : No - although we are funding multiple other RVA projects that are similar Use case URL : https://wsg.washington.edu/community-outreach/olympic-oa-rva/ Data source URL: http://www.nanoos.org/products/j-scope/forecasts.php?forecast=2022-04&var=aragonite Image: Ocean Region: Pacific Ocean Sea: Large Marine Ecosystem Area: California Current Country: United States Other Geography: Format Type: Narrative description, Journal Article, Webinar, video Data Type:Web Service, Video Primary Use: Research, Education, Resource Management, Environmental Management, Aquaculture, Recreation, Develop New Data Products User Type: Government Professional, Academic, Tribal Nations Data Type: Physical, Chemical, Biological, Sociological Ocean Observing System (OOS) Variable: Sea surface temperature, Subsurface temperature, Sea Surface salinity, Subsurface salinity, Oxygen, Inorganic carbon, pH Information Type: In situ data, Model output Other Format Data: Published Date: 44434 Publisher Name: AGU Advances Publisher City: Publisher State : Publisher Country: Publisher/Distributor URL: Publication URL: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdfdirect/10.1029/2021AV000456 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1029/2021AV000456 Industries which benefit: Commercial Fishing, Aquaculture, Recreational Fishing, Marine Research and Education, Coastal and ocean tourism and recreation Benefits to ecosystems: Ecosystem Health Ecosystem Services: Cultural Values, Ecosystem Services: Provisioning, Ecosystem support of goods and services, Fisheries (commercial or recreational, Aquaculture Ecosystem Regulation and Maintenance Services: Cultural Ecosystem Services: Spiritual, symbolic and other interactions with natural environment Are benefits documented?: Yes Are the benefits documented by: Both Are the benefits quantified?: No Are the quantified benefits reported as monetary values?: No Other Benefits: Web Service, Video

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