Benefits of Ocean Observing Catalog (BOOC)


Timestamp: 44806.3799229514 Email Address: kate.quigley@noaa.gov Name: Kate Quigley Affiliation: NOAA Program Office/Division: NOS OCM Position Title: Economist Title of use case: Understanding Comprehensive Flood Risk with NOAA Data Authors or Creators: NOAA OCM Digital Coast website Affiliations of Authors or Creators: NOAA OCM Contributors: Doug Marcy Affiliation of Contributors: NOAA OCM Description: The Beyond Floods app features a flood outlook score and detailed reports for each individual property. This score is an abstraction of more than 25 factors related to real estate, social perception, flood insurance, flood mitigation and losses, infrastructure, and geomorphology. Syndeste used data from NOAA’s digital elevation models and the New York City Panel on Climate Change sea level rise projections that NOAA published in its GeoPlatform for this effort. The Coastal Flood Loss Atlas (developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, derived from NOAA SLOSH models) and NOAA’s New York City 2050 flood risk scenario floodplains information were also used to further improve Beyond Floods’ flood outlook score and risk advisory capabilities. The wealth of accurate, standardized scientific data provided by NOAA allows Syndeste to focus on the post-processing and information simplification. The federal government’s digital elevation models, sea level rise projections, Coastal Flood Loss Atlas, and future floodplains inform climate change risk, which in turn affects the flood outlook score of individual properties. The resulting tool provides current and prospective property owners with an intuitive representation of their comprehensive flood risk, valuable for anyone buying or selling property, as well as those who want to better understand their risk. Keywords: flood risk, elevation, hurricane Start date of use case: 44806 End date of this use case: 44806 Is this use case ongoing? : No Use case URL : https://coast.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/stories/beyond-floods.html Data source URL: https://coast.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/tools/slr.html Image: Ocean Region: Global Oceans Sea: Large Marine Ecosystem Area: Country: United States Other Geography: Entire coastal US Format Type: Narrative description Data Type:GIS Raster Primary Use: Research, Education, Public Safety/Law Enforcement, Weather/Climate, Environmental Management, Develop New Data Products, Regulatory Activities User Type: Private Individual, Government Professional, Industry Professional, NGO/Non-Profit Professional, Academic Data Type: Physical, Economic, Geospatial Ocean Observing System (OOS) Variable: Elevation sea level rise Information Type: Remote sense data Other Format Data: Published Date: 44806 Publisher Name: NOAA's Digital Coast Publisher City: Publisher State : Publisher Country: Publisher/Distributor URL: Publication URL: https://coast.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/stories/beyond-floods.html DOI: Industries which benefit: Commercial Fishing, Aquaculture, Recreational Fishing, Coastal Construction and Restoration, Marine Research and Education, Marine Transportation of Freight and People, Marine Related Professional and Technical Services, Offshore Minerals, Electric Power Production, Ship and boat building, Coastal and ocean tourism and recreation, National Defense and Public Safety, Insurance/Reinsurance, Medical, Living resources (not specified) - check this box and elaborate in “Other” box below Benefits to ecosystems: Ecosystem Health, Biodiversity, Endangered Species Ecosystem Services: Regulation and Maintenance Services, Cultural Values, Ecosystem Services: Provisioning, Ecosystem support of goods and services Ecosystem Regulation and Maintenance Services: Filtration/sequestration/storage/accumulation by microorganisms, algae, plants, and animals, Maintaining nursery populations and habitats (including gene pool protection), Hydrological cycle and water flow regulation (including flood control, and coastal protection), Regulation of the chemical condition of salt waters by living processes Cultural Ecosystem Services: Direct, in-situ and outdoor interactions with living systems that depend on presence in the environmental setting, Spiritual, symbolic and other interactions with natural environment, Other biotic characteristics that have a non-use value Are benefits documented?: Yes Are the benefits documented by: Projected use Are the benefits quantified?: Yes Are the quantified benefits reported as monetary values?: Yes Other Benefits: GIS Raster

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