Benefits of Ocean Observing Catalog (BOOC)

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Port Access Route Study (PARS) and Offshore Wind





Duration of Use Case: Ongoing

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Geographic Location:United States Mid-Atlantic

Is the Use Case Published?No

Primary Use:Sea Space Utilization

Which Marine Industries Benefit from the case:Marine transportation, Ports

Case Benefits:By having accurate and up-to-date charting products that include updated hydrography allows for decision makers and regulators in the off-shore wind industry to have a better understanding of where to place wind energy, but also how to route vessels around and through wind energy to keep the nations commerce moving.

Description:"Sea area utilization" decision making process. For example: the relationship between PARS and wind energy lease areas/cable routing. Here in the mid-atlantic and really the entire east coast there are quite a few wind lease areas in different stages of construction. Specifically right off the coast of VA, the dominion energy wind area is about to start construction and there has been a lot of work put into preserving natural deep water routes with new fairways established by the PARS study. Also, deconflicting cable routing areas, especially where cables cross, which require rock armoring sometimes 5+ feet above the sea floor.