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Virginia Coastal Master Plan





Duration of Use Case:Complete

Link to Case:https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/crmp/plan

Geographic Location:

Is the Use Case Published?No

Primary Use:Coastal Resiliance

Which Marine Industries Benefit from the case:Ports, Coastal Infrastructure

Case Benefits:The data helped the state of Virginia, it’s regional planning entities, localities, and stakeholders understand how flooding will change, and the associated risk to communities, infrastructure, natural and social receptors. The information provides a strong foundation to justify continued investments in coastal resilience to protect the quality of life and economy of Virginia communities.

Description:For the development of the Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan, we used NOAA VDatum to provide state-wide representation of tidal elevations. Sea Level Rise scenario data were leveraged from the 2017 Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States. Long-term sea level trends from NOAA CO-OPS were used to adjust water level and sea level rise data to a common tidal epoch. Authoritative mapping products and summaries were developed depicting existing and future flood exposure to community, critical infrastructure, natural, and social systems. These were presented in both the first Coastal Master Plan document for Virginia, and the study data portal.