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Summer 6-15-2008


Phase II of Florida’s Ocean and Coastal Economics Report was prepared for the Florida Oceans and Coastal Council and funded under contract #RM077 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Phase I report of Florida’s Ocean and Coastal Economies provided basic information that the NOEP compiles for all coastal states about employment, wages and output of those activities located geographically along Florida’s shoreline (Coastal Economy) as well as those activities directly dependent upon the oceans (Ocean Economy). That information not only described the status and trends of Florida’s Coastal and Ocean Economy but allowed comparison to economies in other states as well as comparisons among counties in Florida. It also provides basic data about fisheries productivity and estimates of the non-market value of coastal recreation.

The Phase II report is in three volumes: this report, Phase II, Florida’s Ocean and Coastal Economies, a smaller summary version, Phase II Facts and Figures, and Phase II Appendices. Phase II expands and provides more detailed information about additional economic activities that particularly define Florida’s Ocean Economy that were not included in Phase I. These include: the passenger cruise industry, the commercial and recreational fishing, coastal real estate – the value of coastal real estate, value of tourist real estate and data on seasonal housing; marine research and education institutions, coastal construction activities including beach nourishment and dredging, and finally marine transportation and port activities. In addition, an expanded marine recreation section provides detail about the location of Florida’s coastal recreational assets, the number provides information on the number of people using them, and estimates of the value of numerous recreational activities such as boating, surfing, etc. A major study on boating and marinas is currently underway for the state of Florida by other contractors1.

To provide context for the expanded descriptions of economic activities, the NOEP has also prepared an update of the Phase I report using a summary of the most recent numbers available for Florida’s Coastal and Ocean economic contributions, e.g. a summary update of the estimates from the Phase I report.


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