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This paper presents a modelling framework that facilitates marine policy impact assessment at a scale that is below the national level. The spatial microsimulation approach provides a regional level of analysis not generally possible when dealing with ocean economy statistics that are often even difficult to compile at a national level and offers a powerful modelling tool for maritime spatial planning. The spatial microsimulation model is used to profile the spatial distribution of marine related employment in Ireland. It is then used to carry out a micro-level regional assessment of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on the distribution of employment in the Irish ocean economy. The results demonstrate that many of those made unemployed in the ocean economy during the first lock down were outside the main urban centers, particularly in the case of marine tourism and leisure and the marine natural resource based industries. The paper argues that the use of such spatial microsimulation approaches can facilitate a more evidence based policy response to an economic shock, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, in terms of industry and regional specific supports and can also inform more effective marine spatial planning.

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