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Over the past decade, the North-East Atlantic region has witnessed a substantial increase in social and economic analyses related to ocean and coastal management. This article offers a comprehensive overview of this progress, focusing on the work of the International Cooperation Group - Economics and Social Analysis (ICG-ESA) within the OSPAR Commission. While highlighting ICG-ESA's contributions to the OSPAR Quality Status Report 2023, the paper underscores the necessity of integrating social analyses into OSPAR's decision-making processes. It calls for sustained efforts to prevent regression in the achieved progress, stressing the importance of accountability and collaboration among OSPAR and its contracting parties. The article advocates for the integration of economic and social analyses across all OSPAR activities, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to sustainable management. It further underscores the ongoing efforts required for the full incorporation of these analyses into OSPAR's decision-making processes.

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