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The research paper entitled "Blue Economy Coastal Resources its Economic Valuation and Governance for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals" is an attempt to define and analyze the concept of Blue Economy, Coastal Resources, its Economic Valuation and Governance and its implications for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) slated by United Nations. The research study covers aspects such as development of coastal resources for building a blue economy to achieve SDGs, economic valuation of coastal resources to develop appropriate and suitable mechanisms for achieving healthy ocean and its importance for current and future generations, sustainability of coastal resources and coastal management policies, coastal communities and sustainable blue economy among other aspects. The other aspects covered in the research paper include a detailed literature review on blue and coastal economy, research questions and concluding observations. The United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) and the United Nations(UN) are the major multilateral organizations working for development of coastal resources and coastal communities. It is observed that economic valuation of coastal resources is required to assess and determine the development of the coastal communities and their governance for achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

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